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The name of the website comes from the title of the children's
book series I have written and am writing. A third  book in the trilogy is currently in  outline and a younger children' book is also planned; watch this page and the fan page for more details. 

The published books are:
The Witchtree Journals: Emily's Story 

(Published by:
Autumn Leaves Publishing UK.
November, 2011)
Ist editions now available at the special offer 
price of £3.00 + p&p from Amazon.co.uk
(Full cover price is £7.99) 

Cover artwork by 'The Wood Nymph' © Josephine Wall used under licence from Art Impressions, Calabasas, CA.
 All rights reserved.
 and volume two -

The Witchtree Journals: Rosalie's Story

Published by:
Autumn Leaves Publishing UK.
April, 2013.

Ist editions now available at the special offer 
price of £3.50 + p&p from Amazon.co.uk
(Full cover price is £6.99) 

Cover artwork: 'By-gone Summers'  ©  Josephine Wall used under licence from Art Impressions, Calabasas, CA.
 All rights reserved.


The two published Witchtree Journals' books are primarily aimed at girls aged nine/ten  to fourteen years, just before the vampire romance,  and/or really dark story stage. 
However describing myself as a writer of books for 'Kids-&-Mums' is an idea that has risen naturally out of comments from adult readers - mums and grandparents - grandfathers as well as grandmothers - who started out reading The Witchtree Journals: Emily's Story at my request and then forgot they were test reading a young reader's book , and told me that they had  found they couldn't put it down. There has been  an even more pronounced positive reaction from pre-publication adult readers for the second volume in the series, Rosalie's Story. If you try this book on Kindle, please let me know either through these pages, or better still, as a review on Amazon. 

Feedback from young readers continues to pour in, and they all 'love Emily'!  I hope you all love Rosalie's Story as much as  my pre-publication readers and my editors, and as much as you have Emily's Story.

Thank you.


December 2015  Christmas Fayre Appearance...



I have been delighted to be invited to give a series of and presentations to classes and book groups in these schools*, including the Queen Elizabeth Girls' ; The East Barnet School, and JCOSS, all  in N. London, with other visits in London and Hertfordshire, such as to Abbots Hill School in 2015,  (please see the '' page, and/or read my blog for more ) and am soo excited to be meeting  my readers.
*To read about feedback and reviews from these and other , go to the 'Reviews & Feedback' page of this website
Birth of a Story
The Witchtree Journals started with a fairy-tale inspired by the beautiful wooded area and historical town where I live, and by the strange shaped fir tree in the orchard at the bottom of my garden. The wood nymph Némmani, her sister Echo and the Magipies were the characters in this short tale, which I entitled The Witchtree.
      Emily came into being several years later as the consequence of much pleading for more ‘Némmani’ stories from the children who read The Witchtree. I couldn’t come up with more fairy stories, but the little girl to whom they were originally told morphed into Emily, and she just grew and grew until she, and eventually also all her friends in the book, felt to me like real people in their own right. I loved them, and  readers, old and young alike, have also loved them and wanted to keep turning the pages to find out what happens to them. I hope you will too.
     Like me when I was writing the book, readers also wanted to discover why Emily travelled back in time; what was the ‘key’ thing all about, and who or what were the Magipies? Was it all ‘real’, or just another ‘Némmani’ story?
     Having resolved most of these questions in Emily’s Story, I then realised there were many more. I especially wanted to know if Emily’s grandma was really some sort of white witch, and if so,  why had she sent Emily back in time, and into danger? Surely she must have known that Emily would be all right, but how?
     Thus the simple little fairy tale turned into a family saga, and now I've published the companion book – Rosalie’s Story.


Below is the 'blurb' from the first edition of  TheWitchtree Journals : Emily's Story, and some of my reader's reviews. Extracts from the book can be found on the 'Books' page of this website.
The blurb of The Witchtree Journals: Rosalie's Story  can be found on the Books' page.
A blend of myth, family saga &  time travel adventure.
Thirteen year old Emily is plunged into a journeythrough time to find a mysterious key, and to protect her own future existence.
She meets mythological nymphs, battles the shape-shifting Magipies, experiences many different adventures with her ancestors and new friends,and enjoys her first romance.
Emily at last unearths the lost key which unlocks an old trunk and reveals an incredible secret. It’s only then that she can return to the 21st Century where she realises how everything she has discovered will affect her for the rest of her life.
But she still has the biggest surprise of all to come!
 “I loved the story so much I couldn’t give the book to my granddaughter until I knew how it ended!” Penny.
“An excellent book. Emily reminded me a lot of myself.”
13 year old Molly.
“Enchanting! I couldn’t bear to put it down, and read it  whenever my three small boys were playing or asleep.” Christine.
"This book was wondeful, sweet, exciting, scary, interesting -it had it all! " 11 year old Jemima
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